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Taking Care of Your Immune System

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IW - Loving Life

Life may have knocked you around a bit, as it has for most of us, but there is no time like now to unearth some of the dreams that were pushed aside in hustle and bustle of year in, year out living.

Whatever it is that fires you up, the sense of freedom to be the authentic, individual YOU you always wanted to be, or finally creating the wealth to live the dream of abundance …. or both.

We may not be able to change other people, but we have a choice to be our own best selves and create the best years to come.

The choice lies within all of us. It’s how we interpret what is happening around us and to us that counts.

Accordingly, we then can opt in to re-adjust our inner sails along with our positive actions that will determine the goodness of experience.

Life is full of rich experiences with wonderful memories still to be made, so, it’s more important than ever to keep the vehicle we are riding in, our bodies, in super running condition!

With time, the immune system becomes slower to respond. Your body may heal more slowly. There are fewer immune cells in the body to bring about healing.

So, what to do?
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