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Many men feel that there is nothing like a sensual massage before having sex to get her into the mood. Now, whilst this may be true in many instances, it’s not always the case.

Many women I have worked with in private consultations would love a sensual massage, if only it would not lead to sex. Many women feel like they really need loving and sensual touch desperately, but in order to get it, they have to pay with sex. I have heard women say, “The only time he touches me the way I need to be touched is when he wants sex!”

OK, Gentlemen, so what is the solution? How can you have a happy woman who actually craves for sex after a massage?

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I am a First-Time Grandmother, very exciting!!

…. but I am also concerned!

Nonprofit group’s tests find formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane in children’s shampoos, bubble baths and baby lotions.

Of 48 products tested, 67% had 1,4-dioxane. Of 28 products tested, 82% had formaldehyde. (source)


For example:
1,4-dioxane, is a “likely carcinogen,” and is present in Johnson & Johnson’s:

  • Baby Shampoo
  • Oatmeal Baby Wash
  • Moisture Care Baby Wash, and
  • Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash

According to the CDC, 1,4 dioxane is “probably carcinogenic to humans,” and is toxic to your brain, central nervous system, kidneys and liver. (source)

My question is: How many toxic ingredients do you want to subject your baby to?

As consumers we are brainwashed by slick commercials in the advertising industry how wonderful these products are. Of course they are all “natural” and wholesome”; and they promise you that you are a good and responsible parent if you use their products.

As I said, I am a new grandma, and I have become aware of the well meaning pitfalls in trying to get products supposedly to the youngsters good.

Whilst I am eager not to interfere with the ways his mum and dad will want to bring up the little treasure, I am nonetheless happy to provide some tips for them to integrate into their parenting, if they so wish.

My desire is for everyone to be happy for at least most of the time.

I remember when I was a first-time mum, no matter how much I had read and heard and learnt there were still moments when I was at my wit’s end not knowing why the little one was crying or not feeling comfy.

An uncomfortable baby is an unhappy baby…

…and if baby’s unhappy, the entire household is unhappy.

But for most of the time he was a happy and contented baby, for which I am grateful!

I have always been keen to understand the natural way of life, so if vitamins and herbs could do it, I would rather go for preventative and integrated healing than chemicals. Unfortunately, just about all the popular baby products are full of chemical stuff and toxins that are really not good for the baby. So, thankfully I have discovered true therapeutic natural essential oils which give huge benefits!

So, here I have a little recommendation for a wonderfully calming essential oil blend that will benefit little one and mummy: “Gentle Baby” … and it is genuinely 100% therapeutic, organic and pure, no chemicals added whatsoever .. just as nature intended it!

… and will help to soothe tired and cranky children, bliss!

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