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Feta Cheese with Avocado, Wolfberries and Essential Oils

Feta Cheese with Avocado, Wolfberries and Essential Oils

Super YUM

I just had: Feta cheese, Avocado, Wolfberries – Goji Berries (Young Living), Oregano Essential Oil (Young Living), ‘Citrus Fresh’ Essential Oil Blend (Young Living), walnuts, green & black olives, garlic, red onions, raw mushrooms, mandarin oranges, tomatoes, green bell pepper, on a bed of leaves. I used rocket leaves and water cress. The dried wolfberries I first soaked in lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice to plump them up a bit.

Sounds all rather exotic, right? OK let’s start with the wolfberries. They are in China regarded as general tonic, to protect the liver, to improve vision, to strengthen weak legs and to promote longevity.

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