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Has it ever happened to you ….

You’re driving down a familiar road and are totally unconscious about any beautiful surroundings you happen to drive past by? I mean there is this conversation you had, and you can’t believe so-and-so said what they did, oh and what was it again you were supposed to remember? Why is this guy in front driving so slowly?? Yes, and … will need to return this phone call, considering that one must not phone and drive ….

So, I had one of those brain chitter-chatter unconscious drives, when …
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Endocrine System:

Balancing The Body Energy Frequencies:


Much of the cause of imbalance is in the endocrine glands which create the electrical balance through the physical body.

Where the imbalances is due to allergy in sinuses throat or pituitary
insufficiency apply the complementary oil to the crown of the head the forehead and the thymus.




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