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You are a courageous woman! ... that's why you are here ...

Life has not been easy for you. You have survived situations which would have broken others.

There is a light of hope in you and I want to give you nonjudgmental encouragement and support to let it shine unhindered from the past.

I do not know your story yet. Maybe you are a survivor of sexual assault and trauma (verbally or physically, or both). Maybe the stress is just too much to handle ... or maybe you just want to make a fresh start and learn how to delight in your own delicious sexuality, learn to say "yes" to your own desires and on your own terms.


You deserve the joy of freely-chosen,
healthy sexual pleasure!


  • Do you want to experience sensuous freedom throughout your body, expressing yourself fully as you wish?

    • Do you want to heal and release the shame that has been stopping you from fully feeling relaxed and blissed-out during sex?

      • Do you want to experience the deliciousness of self pleasure and self-touch without feeling guilty or dirty?

        • Do you want to learn how to embody sacred tantric sensuality with full liberty of your own delicious ecstasy?

          • Do you want to learn to feel loved for you, yourself, and not just for sex ... knowing to respect yourself and how to communicate your sexual boundaries?

          • Do you want pleasure and being fully present in your sex life to be the norm, rather than fear and checking out?

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Experience a Holistic - Spirit Mind Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma and Orgasmic Wellness using some of the latest Energy Psychology and other Somatic Techniques!

You deserve to flourish fully in your powerful sensual femininity! Help is at hand ... anonymously
and privately

Get a free 30 min session to get to know each other ...

For a limited time I'm offering you a 30 mins Value Packed Session with EFT Tapping to help you relieve some immediate stress, and also to help you develop a 3 Stage Action Plan
(normally at £ 39.75 for 30 mins - £75.75 per 60 mins) for ZERO COST

No purchase necessary!

During this powerful, 1-on-1
30 min. coaching session, we'll work
together to...

  • Create a crystal clear vision of what exactly your desired outcome is

  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your efforts and keeping you stuck and unhappy

  • Leave this session renewed, inspired, and ready to finally move Forward to start living your dream!

To claim your special “Finally Starting to Live Your Dream”
free session contact me to book an appointment
and answer the questions below!

All sessions are done via Skype Internet
in the privacy of your home.

Nobody needs to know that you are getting help!

Please outline in your email the issues you want to address and which problems you would be willing to solve with the help of
Geli Heimann, BSc, MSc Psych.

Energy Therapist, EFT Tapping, Strategic Intervention Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Sex & Relationships Expert (Tantra)

This is important:

When you to take advantage of this very special, very limited, and totally FREE 30 minute “Rapid Change” coaching session, simply email me and answer these questions…

All sessions are highly confidential.


All coaching is done by phone / Internet telephony, such as Skype – no travelling time or expenses involved and all materials are delivered to an online private members area, where only you have access.

Finally coaching calls that fit in with your busy timetable.

A minimum of three months coaching is recommended to see strong lasting results!




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Please note: Due to confidentiality of the sensitive and very personal nature of sexuality, and healing of sexual trauma, all names have been changed of those beautiful women who were willing to give their testimonials. Thank you.


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JOI - Testimonial - Rebeccah






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