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These are boutique coaching and mentoring services for emotional health and wellbeing.


Please note that ALL SERVICES require Young Living Essential Oils and/or Essential Oils Infused Nutritional Products. If you wish to enjoy coaching via Skype, you will need to purchase the essential oils recommended to enhance the wellbeing results you desire from our sessions together. The oils MUST be from Young Living, as it is the only Brand I know of, that has the variety, purity and Vibrational Energy needed for the work I do!



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The Healing Space

is for you if you want to resolve issues such as anxiety, stress, trauma, etc.

Concierge intervention and life coaching is also for you if your status, lifestyle, or employment do not allow you to seek out traditional psychology services.

Geli Heimann BSc (Hons) MSc. provides VIP confidentiality coaching, thus no insurance records means no concerns about your privacy being violated. Geli also provides on-call, and mobile help allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home while becoming the best you that you can be.





Sexual Healing – Short-Term Therapeutic Coaching for Women

This is a short-term therapeutic coaching and intervention service, specifically suited for women who have been subject of sexual abuse, trauma, or need to resolve other intimacy issues. These sessions are useful for the most urgent needs you may have. They will not be as in depth as the Platinum Program which is restorative and transformational.

Check out here the Intimacy Wellness Pleasure School – Platinum Program which is an intensive six months mentoring program.









Psychosensual Massage with Essential Oils – For Women Only

For those of you who live locally, you can enjoy a Psychosensual Massage Meditation with Essential Oils – for women only! As an important self-care practice, this full body sensual massage is intended to relax you into an orgasmic state of bliss.

Receiving a sensual intimate massage lowers stress, floods your body with sumptuous feel-good hormones … acts as a real beauty boost, too, not to mention that it slows down aging … relaxes you deeply, increases your libido, and can even make you a better lover if you have a partner.







Intimacy Wellness Pleasure School – Platinum Program which is an intensive six months mentoring program.















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