How to Stop Mind Chitter-Chatter and become Still, Mindful and Present



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Has it ever happened to you ….

You’re driving down a familiar road and are totally unconscious about any beautiful surroundings you happen to drive past by? I mean there is this conversation you had, and you can’t believe so-and-so said what they did, oh and what was it again you were supposed to remember? Why is this guy in front driving so slowly?? Yes, and … will need to return this phone call, considering that one must not phone and drive ….

So, I had one of those brain chitter-chatter unconscious drives, when …

all of a sudden I became aware. I was waiting at a red traffic light and momentarily stopped the chitter-chattering in my brain and saw this most endearing large planter in someone’s front garden, a lush array of a variety of colourful summer flowers interspersed with different shaped green tall leafy plants.

The traffic light turned green, and as I started to drive on, I felt that I should pull over and stop the car for a moment. I had become aware that I had been far from present. I had been rummaging in the recent past with my thoughts, and randomly jumping into the near and distant future, but I was no where close to the ‘now’.

I remembered that earlier in the morning, I had popped into my bag one of my favourite Young Living essential oil blends: “Present Time”. Phew! I dug it out, opened the cap, added a couple of drops into the palm of my hands and gently rubbed them in a circular fashion. I took my glasses off, cupped my hands over my nose, closed my eyes and took a breath, deeply inhaling this most luxurious oil. It was like the entire world of mental chitter-chatter stopped. The presence of the oil blend demanded my full attention. I noticed how good I was feeling …

“Present Time” is uplifting and grounding at the same time, an intoxicatingly enchanting oil blend which nonetheless gently brings you back into the present. It restores ones equilibrium, grounding and releasing. A beautiful blend that is emotionally calming and balancing, also expansively joyful. Truly a favourite blend of mine. At a first whiff you get the joyful dance of the Neroli in this blend, followed by the sultry calming Ylang Ylang. Gently supporting all these magnificent floral aromas is the grounding spruce.

I love Neroli essential oil. It is quite pricey as the flowers from the orange tree are hand picked, and apparently it takes roughly about 100 lbs of blossoms to make 1 lb of oil! Unfortunately because the demand for Neroli essential oil is high, adulteration is a common problem. Thankfully I can trust the “Seed-To-Seal” guarantee by Young Living that our oils are as 100% pure as they are supposed to be.

For those of you who like to check out a really cool science site: PubMed.Gov – US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, check out some pretty amazing health features of Neroli.

…. oh, and someone might be interested to know that “Present Time” is YL_Kosher_30x30 EarthKosher Certified

So, as our life is created in the moment. And it is so important to project positive and loving thoughts into the future that we create each moment, let me finish with the words of Jim Rohn:

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future;
it is something you design for the present.”








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