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What’s Your Book of Love and Passion Like?
Is it sizzling with joy?
Or, has it become dusty … sigh, yeah
once upon a time?

What if You could ignite that passion now,
or make it even better?


I know it’s not fair, but the all to common story with a lot of couples is that after a while passion and intimate alone time in the bedroom starts to wane.

Over time, both of you can get so preoccupied with the daily grind, jobs or careers are demanding, kids to raise, church and volunteer activities, yes and the never ending household chores . .

Or thinking about the game on TV when you just want him to tune into you, especially when you managed to get together on a date night…

Sometimes it feels like he might take you a little bit for granted . . .

(Though you know deep in your heart that he loves you.)
The duty a good man feels to support his family can rob you of time to relax together.

Chances are YOU feel overworked and under appreciated too….

You see, to many men, being a good husband means, “bringing home the bacon . . .”
. . . often to the exclusion of spending time just being present with you . . .

Left unchecked, you end up platonic partners stuck in a hamster wheel of chores and other peoples’ agendas.

Statistics say women file for 75% of all divorces.

Apparently, when YOU say it’s over, it almost always is. Usually the guy doesn’t have a clue why it feels to him like he can’t make you happy.

Marriages don’t break.

They slowly erode.

Indifference turns to neglect.

Lack of affection degenerates into loneliness.

…… it does not have to be this way!

Imagine there was a bridge to going from-where-you-are-now to far beyond your former dreams of romance, and ignite passion to a sizzling level…


What if, with a bit of knowledge and some skills, YOU could create your most treasured desires come true?

So, it is my pleasure to start you off with some tips and some Quantum Intimacy suggestions, and of course how you can support your endeavors with the help of essential oils …

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
~ Max Planck

So, here are some areas we’ll discuss:


  • Passion Equals Polarity – The Energy Foundations of a Life Time Love that Sizzles
  • (Want to know why cheating goes on … physically, or secretly in your partner’s mind?)
  • Why Cultivating Pleasure is a MUST for You, … definitely NOT selfish!
    (e.g. understanding the function of Nitric Oxide
  • Taking a Glimpse into Brain Science Research, such as How to Relax a Woman’s “Vigilance Centre” Inside the Brain, part of the Limbic System
  • What Role do Hormone Imbalance have in the Intimacy Dance? And How do Oxytocin and Testosterone are Playmates with Energy Polarity
  • How Essential Oils Underpin All the Above with their Systemic and Synergistic Qualities, both Biochemically as well as Energetically!




















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