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cricles dots_50 Sorry, can I ask you a personal question?

How are you coping financially?
Are you sorted for retirement in however many years that might be?

Nobody likes to talk about this rather personal issue. Everybody talks about how wealthy Baby Boomers are. We read about adventure holidays, and all the other good stuff. I am sure there are plenty of us in that fortunate situation!

However, there is another side, a financial shame side, that we tend to hide.

My own story illustrates this well. My life has been peppered with university student life (so, yes, I have my degrees incl. a Masters degree), having lived aboard in various countries, married, divorced, stay-at-home mum for a period of time, at one point lost house and home and was homeless and unemployed … Retirement funds? What retirement funds? There came a time I had to think differently….

Many other people have suffered from major losses financially as well. They had thought they had their future security sorted, and then recent recessions wiped out a lot of baby boomer’s meager retirement accounts. That came after the “dot com bubble” fiasco, etc. The stock market may have recovered, but have we?

Baby Boomers are facing a significant crisis for their future retirement with 65% saying they won’t retire or they are delaying it.

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