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IW - Sleep time_320 Thank you for sending in your question! One of the most frequent ones was: *Sleep*

“I want to sleep better at night”,
“I am tossing and turning, only to see each hour go by”,
I’m actually not worried about stuff, I just can’t sleep”,
“I’m all tired when I wake up in the morning and frustrated, a long day ahead. I NEED SLEEP”!

There are many of you for whom sleep is elusive or otherwise troubled.

Some of you asked what to do about problems like parasomnias — such as sleep apnea, night terrors, narcolepsy, and sleep paralysis.

I am sorry, but this is not the place to answer clinical questions (though much of it does fall into my field as a psychologist).

This website is concerned about wellness and thriving “above the line”.

Having said that, there are a few tips I can give you to ensure you get a better night’s sleep.

Great Sleep Starts Before Your Head Hits The Pillow!

Those of us who are parents or grandparents are familiar with the bed time routine of little ones.

As a grandma I love watching how my beautiful daughter-in-love prepares her boys for sleep time.

There is a soothing bath, then after the bath she playfully cuddles and dries them and then lovingly massages a most gorgeous essential oil blend (diluted of course for the little one) “Gentle Baby” and sometimes “Peace and Calming”.

Next comes a good night story which is seldom finished because the little heroes have drifted off to sleep.

I thought about this, even for myself. As adults we forget about this wonderful calming bedtime routing.

I observe many people having TVs in their bedroom (to me this is a big ‘no-no’!), then they either watch the late news (full of negativity), or that engaging suspense movie. When it finally comes to switching off the lights, many quickly grab their phones and do the last check on Facebook … Basically, their minds are still engaged.

Even waking up during the night, you may not exactly worry about something, but fragments of conversations from the day drift through your mind. A snippet of this and that, barely noticeable, floats through your mind.

I know, it happens to me, just like with you. There is a continuous mind chitter-chatter happening of real life situation, reflections, planning ahead, etc.

Even if you you half-way drift off, the mind seems still active.

So, here is my suggestion based on my personal experience and that of my clients.

Purposefully create a peaceful night time sleep ambience (clear the clutter out of your bedroom … you’d be surprised how this ‘energy-noise’ disturbs your sleep even when your eyes are shut!)

Create some calming beauty time for just you, maybe a lovely bath and some essential oils being diffused with some gentle music (I love classical Baroque). You know yourself what gets you into a relaxed state.

Spoil yourself, you are worth it! Plan your day so that there is enough time for you to have that self-care me-time included before you retire.

Next, I have discovered why kids so readily fall asleep during story time.

Kids are invited to enter into a fairy tale fantasy land that engages their creative imaginative right brain hemisphere. Thus switching off the day-to-day chitter-chatter. It works for grown-ups too. Indeed, I practice this every night!

It’s my secret Mind-Hack for a good night’s sleep!

OK, so it is a bit of mind-brain discipline, especially to start off with. Here is what you want to do:

Think about what you would love to happen in your life if nothing was impossible. Think about your dearest desires you would wish to experience, maybe sometime in the future.

Then, imagine you were a film director and you get to direct and be in a particular beautiful scene … OR … Imagine you go to the cinema to watch a movie of what you desire.

So, you get out of your imaginary seat, walk down towards the screen, and imagine you could step into the scene being played, totally being there and part of it.

The key is to actually “step into the scene”. Imagine you were already there. What do you smell? what do you see? What do you hear? What can you touch in your imagination?

The biggest part of this is, allow yourself to FEEL fully the experience as if it was happening right now at this very moment….

The number of times I woke up many hours later thinking, ‘oh no! I did not finish imagining what happens next!’ … well, that’s for the tomorrow night ….

Of course, I also use some specific oil blends, such as “Stress Away”, “Peace & Calming”, “Lavender”, “Valerian”, “RutaVala”, etc. You can either use them neat straight of the bottle (I do), or dilute them with a bit of organic coconut oil if your skin is sensitive … or diffuse them.

Wishing you a lovely peaceful and restful nights sleep, tonight!









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